Korea Language

The Korean government is dedicated to create a bright future by the ideal integration of the nation and its people, of Korea and the rest of the world, and of the past and the present together.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s vision is to consistently work towards building a Human Centered culture filled with freedom and originality. This is facilitated by ensuring individual autonomy; and strengthening community diversity; and fostering social creativity.

The vision instills its evolution on three broad guidelines, which strive to bring forth a Fair and balanced culture; Taking cultural initiatives, which can enhance people’s lives; and help use the Local Cultural context to inspire Change and Growth, via innovation at a global level.

The Embassy of Republic of Korea and Korean Cultural Centre’s decision to support Augtraveler is one of the key initiatives to strengthen Indo-Korean cultural ties, while working under their larger vision of making culture a part of everyday life in a society.

These experiences will not only be appreciated by Korean visitors in India, but also help in Augtraveler’s mandate to reboot the local cultural ecosystem in India.